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Business Challenge

E-Gear needed to quickly build two complex energy management apps with rock solid security (they literally keep the lights on) that could scale with their explosive growth. The first is an advanced edge-of-grid system that manages flow between a PV system, home loads, battery pack and public power grid. The second manages coordination of a home solar array, battery storage and EV charging station.

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Solution Developed

E-Gear and Ikayzo built an innovative Solar+Storage Home EV Charging Solution with a Heroku backend. Using a dedicated PV array and home battery, the solution stores solar energy during the day to charge homeowners' electric vehicles at night. Optionally, customers can charge their EV with grid energy during the day as well. E-Gear’s backend sits on Heroku and is ready to scale with the inevitable boom in demand for solar powered EV charging solutions.

Three months earlier, after two years of intensive research and development, E-Gear announced an edge-of-grid energy solution to break the deadlock between mounting demand for rooftop photovoltaic (PV) power, and the technical limitations of an electric power grid designed in a pre-PV era. The EMC (Energy Management Controller) acts as the brains of a home, coordinating power flow between the PV system, home loads, optional battery pack and the public power grid.

Business Result

With this innovation, homeowners will be able to comply with "Self-Supply" public utility tariffs that allow for PV installation on the condition that excess PV energy not be exported to the grid. The EMC also features secure, remote home energy monitoring, enabling homeowners to view their PV generation, power usage and battery levels through the web (a Heroku app) or on their phone. Inherent to the EMC's design is an extensible platform for future feature upgrades. We are very excited to be standing with our partners, E-Gear and Heroku, at the cusp of a renaissance in edge-of-grid technology.

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